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Hey neighbor, thanks for the warning

Driving around Franklin County there seem to be a lot of speed traps where traffic violations are given out on a daily basis.

I could name a bunch of speed zones that drop from 65 to 45 in two seconds. Although I haven’t gotten a ticket lately, I know of someone who got one about two weeks ago.

This person was driving along just fine until she looked in the rear view mirror and saw someone riding the bumper or following too close, so in a costly mistake this person hit the accelerator to speed up and get away.

Then, the next thing you know the person saw blue lights, and now has to pay the fine.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

The actual traffic violation isn’t what is costly — it is the court cost that jacks it up to over the $100 mark.

Since the construction down Alabama 24 is now in session, I’m sure there have been thousands of tickets cast by law enforcement.

I’m not really complaining about it because I know that they are just trying to do their job, but when the speed limit is 45 miles per hour from Russellville to Red Bay there is no doubt someone who has been driving 65 all day will eventually get frustrated and floor it.

Road rage is another topic all together, but what I’m really trying to focus on are those drivers who are just minding their own business, aware of their surroundings and just don’t realize they are going that fast.

This is where I think southern hospitality really kicks in. Have you ever noticed that there are understandings between strangers in the south that you can’t really explain how it started or where it comes from?

For instance, it is always nice to see people in the south pull over while a funeral precession is passing by. I respect those people immensely.

I’m sure there are many more understandings, but another one I appreciate is the flashing of the headlights to warn oncoming traffic that there is a cop ahead and to slow down.

I am not clear on all the driving rules, but I don’t think that one made it into the driver’s handbook. I admit I have done it before — no offense to law enforcement — but I am sure the driver that is passing me, and about to pass you, does not want to be pulled over and given a costly piece of paper.

For those who have flickered their headlights at me in the past, I say thank you for being a good neighbor and warning me that I might need to pay more attention to my speedometer when I enter a speed trap.

There I’ve said my peace. Until next time, Later Dayz…