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It’s time to address illegal immigrant issue

On Aug. 3, I drove to Russellville. I walked up and down Main Street and several side streets. I saw most of the business establishments were Hispanic.

What was most surprising was the majority of the store fronts used only Spanish, not English as a first language.

Some did have Spanish and English, but not many. I also encountered several people on the street not speaking English.

If an American flag had not been on display in front of a downtown bank, I would have thought I was in a foreign country.

Why are city, county and state officials not putting a stop to the illegal alien problem?

I picked on Russellville, but the counties to the north — Colbert and Lauderdale — have the same problem.

It’s just not as bad, but it’s going to happen unless we demand that all illegal aliens be picked up and sent back home.

I believe we should be educating American children, not illegal alien children — we should be taking care of American children’s health, not illegal children.

I am guessing, but city, county or state officials will not tell you how much of the budget goes for illegals.

My guess is 25-30 percent.

If you are here legally I am all for you, just become an American and do not try to turn America into the third world country you came from.

Billy Fuller, Tuscumbia