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Authorities seize 53 marijuana plants


The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Phil Campbell Police Department worked with state officers Friday to seize 53 marijuana plants from an area just north of Phil Campbell. Investigators are looking for those responsible for growing the plants.


A collaboration between several law enforcement agencies helped uncover 53 marijuana plants just north of Phil Campbell Friday, authorities said.

Investigators with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the Department of Public Safety’s Aviation Division, Phil Campbell Police Department and Russellville Police Department are now searching for those responsible for growing the plants.

Authorities said the discovery was made early Friday after FCSD investigators and the Department of Public Safety’s Aviation Division pinpointed the plants ranging from one foot to seven feet tall from a helicopter on Franklin 13, formerly known as Broad Street, just north of Phil Campbell.

Investigators said they found fertilizer, potting soil, pots and post-hole diggers, which seemed to be used for the cultivation of the drug plants.

Phil Campbell Police Chief Merrell Potter said the plants were located around and inside an occupied residence.

“The person inside the residence was questioned about the plants and it appeared he was oblivious about what kind of plant was growing around him,” Potter said. “It appears he was physically unable to get out and cultivate the plants so as of right now I don’t believe he is a suspect in the case.”

Law enforcement agencies are currently in the process of tracking down the owners of the equipment, believing that will lead to whoever is responsible.

Authorities said they have linked a few names to the site and some arrests should be made in the near future.

Authorities are asking if anyone knows any information regarding the site where the marijuana plants were found or if they know who is responsible to contact the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at 256- 332-8811.