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Culver: PC fans will see new Bobcats

Phil Campbell coach Bo Culver, left, demonstrates how he wants the ball to be given to the running back. | Scot Beard/FCT

PHIL CAMPBELL — Now that Phil Campbell coach Bo Culver has had a year with the team learning his system he is ready to show Class 2A what the Bobcats are capable of doing.

He said the program performed well last season with three wins, but the team felt they let victories slip away against Hatton, Clements and Lexington.

This year Culver promises the fans a different outcome.

“People are going to see a different Phil Campbell team than what they are used to seeing,” Culver said.

One of the reasons Culver is confident in this team is its depth. Last season the Bobcats had only 18 varsity players. This year that number has swollen to 38.

“It adds a lot more depth position to position,” Culver said. “We’ll be better at every spot.”

The team has impressed Culver during summer workouts, showing up on time for their grueling 5:30 a.m. training regimen.

Culver said his second season is going a little smoother because players know what he expects of them and they understand the basics of his systems.

“We’re still doing fundamental teaching for the kids that haven’t played before,” Culver said. “But we are not having to teach and then re-teach the next day.”

The Bobcats looked good during the spring game when Culver installed the basic package Phil Campbell will run this fall. He said he would use the next few weeks to add a few other elements to the Bobcats’ playbook to prepare them for the season.

One thing is for sure, expectations are up at Phil Campbell and Culver plans on delivering a winning program to the fans.