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Land Transactions

The following are the most recent land transactions as recorded with the Franklin County Probate Office.

July 26

• Rickey Henson to Nickey Henson, warranty

• Carolyn Cofield to Wanda Karwacki, warranty

• Howard Sims to Lonnie Cothrum, warranty

• Roldolfo Garcia to Venustiano Santos, warranty

July 27

• Barney Henson to Infinite Investments, warranty

• Garvis Semore to Christopher Butler, survivorship

• Carl Hendrix to Lisa Hill, warranty

• Amanda Bragwell to Tracy Bragwell, quit claim

July 28

• Billy Fuller Jr. to Billy Fuller Jr., warranty

• Billy Fuller Jr. to Billy Fuller Jr., warranty

• Wilma Glover to Patricia Nelson, warranty

July 29

• Billy Hurst to Billy Hurst, survivorship

• Kenneth Williams to Theron McKinney, quit claim

• Brent Clement to Ashley Clement, survivorship

• Gwen Williams to Eric Williams, quit claim

• Lloyd Young to Sue Raper, warranty

• Jose Michel to Estuardo Salazar, warranty

July 30

• James Stone to Chris Briles, survivorship

• Joseph Mills to Black Stone Minerals Company, mineral

• Dewey Oliver to Vivian Oliver, survivorship