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Nightmare might be over for Gulf coast families

The latest attempt at stopping the flow of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico seems to have worked, much to the relief of citizens along the coast of Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas.

While questions remain as to how permanent this solution will be, it is a sign of progress.

For the past three months oil has spilled into the Gulf of Mexico and has hurt the economy of Alabama.

Commercial fishermen cannot perform their jobs. Restaurants who depend on those fishermen to supply food for customers are out of luck.

The customers who eat at those restaurants have not been able to enjoy the great seafood the Gulf of Mexico has to offer. Then those customers walked down once pristine beaches dodging tar balls.

There is no doubt the beaches and the economy of Alabama have been shaken by this oil spill.

Now the region has gotten some good news. Hopefully some good luck is in the future for the Gulf of Mexico — it needs it after its three-month nightmare.