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City man charged with abusing infant

A Franklin County man accused of covering the mouth and injuring an 18-month old child by shaking him was taken into custody and charged with child abuse, officials said.

Russellville Police detective Sgt. Joe Hargett said Thomas Reese Coalson II, 27, 1210 Cave Hollow Road, was arrested Thursday and charged with child abuse.

Hargett said the incident occurred at 100 Freddie Mills Trailer Park on July 5, but the call wasn’t received by the Department of Human Resources until July 8.

Franklin County Courthouse officials said Coalson slightly admitted to his involvement, but injuries sustained by the child is what ultimately led to his arrest.

Officials said the mother of the 18-month old said she saw the incident occur, but was hesitant about giving a report.

Authorities said Coalson said he was trying to discipline the child when he was injured.

“The only thing we know right now is that the child sustained neck injuries,” Hargett said. “The child is currently under the care of family members under the supervision of DHR.”

Coalson was transported to the Franklin County Jail where a bond of $10,000 has been set for his release.