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Special thanks to city for Fourth of July celebration

Residents of Franklin County gathered at Sloss Lake Sunday to celebrate the Fourth of July and were entertained by concerts, games for children, a car show and of course a fireworks show.

None of that would have been possible without the Water Board, Sewer Board and Gas Board coming together to sponsor the event.

In a time when many municipalities are struggling with funding, it is refreshing to know local government entities are willing to provide money for events like this to bolster civic pride.

The past year or two have been difficult for area residents as the local unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent.

These residents were able to kick back and relax while enjoying a day of free entertainment to take their minds off their troubles, if for only a day.

The Franklin County Times would like to thank these local government entities for looking into their tight budgets and finding a way to give the citizens they represent a day to remember.