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Bolton has tall plans for the future

Editor’s Note: Franklin’s Future is a regular feature spotlighting a high school senior in Franklin County and what they have planned for life after graduation.

It was hard to miss the six feet six inch Russellville High School class of 2010 graduate Corey Bolton as he walked across the stage to receive his diploma on May 28.

Friends refer to Bolton as “Big Ed” in regards to his height and middle name.

The towering, yet soft-spoken former Golden Tiger basketball player said continuing his education has always been his plan once his grade school years were over.

“I want to get all my basics taken care of and attend some pre-engineering classes at Northwest-Shoals Community College,” he said. “Once that is all finished I plan to go to the University of Alabama-Huntsville and get a degree in civil engineering.”

Bolton said he wants a career that will take him to work outdoors and not put him behind a desk in an office type setting.

“I’m good at math and being outdoors building stuff is something I see myself doing,” he said. “Being trapped in an office all day is just not for me.”

Bolton said it will take about six years to accomplish his goal and hopes the career will bring him back to work here in Franklin County.

“It is possible I will actually end up somewhere like Huntsville or Birmingham,” he said. “But if I could land a job back here that would be pretty awesome.”

Bolton said he really doesn’t want to end up living paycheck to paycheck and living somewhere where he doesn’t know anyone would also rank high on the list of “no-nos.”

“I think Russellville is a great community,” he said. “One day I hope to have a wife and maybe one or two kids and when that happens I wouldn’t mind them attending Russellville High because I think it is a great school.”

Bolton hopes to excel in college and wants to get as much internship experience as possible so he can learn the craft of engineering a little better.

Bolton sees himself settling down just outside a city after getting his career going.

“I don’t want to be too far out in the country, but I’d like to be far enough not to have any neighbors,” he said.

Bolton’s perfect day would consist of sleeping-in, then grabbing breakfast at Cracker Barrel to start a fun-filled day.

“After breakfast, I’d watch College Gameday, sit around and watch the big college football games that come on before Alabama plays,” he said. “Then I’d watch the Tide win and celebrate with friends.”

Some of the things Bolton will miss about RHS will include seeing his friends everyday and “not having the responsibilities of paying bills.”

Bolton said he would definitely change the lunchroom food if he could rearrange things at RHS.

“It is awful,” he said. “They aren’t allowed to fry anything anymore. It is all baked food and that gets old after awhile.”

Bolton said one thing he would like to experience is to attend an Alabama national championship game, since he unfortunately missed the one at the Rose Bowl this past football season.

Bolton said he may get involved with some intramural sports at college, but he will definitely keep his eye on the prize as he plans to one day become a successful engineer just as he always dreamed of being.