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A devotion to her daylilies

By Bob Stickley

Each June, the beautiful summer colors begin to shine brightly in yards around Franklin County.

One of the most colorful and vibrant yards in Russellville can be found on Plum Street, just off Jackson Avenue north of downtown.

Mary Scott, an 81 year-old Russellville resident, has been planting daylilies for years. One-quarter acre patch behind her home is blanketed in a field of day lilies.

Her yard begins shining each spring when her irises begin to bloom. Then in June, Scott’s yard is completely adorned by beautiful lily beds.

Though she began planting lilies long before she moved to her current home some 20 years ago, she now has more blooms than ever before.

Scott’s sister, Kathleen Harden, of Birmingham, shares her sister’s love for day lilies. Of course, over a recent three-day get-together the topic of discussion between the sisters was their lilies.

Most people do not realize there are many colors of hybrid lilies available at many different prices. I heard of a Florida man who has some lilies that sell for as much as $700 a clump. Scott, in fact, had some from a Florence farm that sold for as much as $100.

Those were a pale pink colored with latticed lace around the edge.

Though Scott admits maintaining her beautiful garden gets harder each year, the 81 year-old does all the work that goes into caring for her large lily garden.

She recently told me that the Japanese beetles had invaded her flower garden this year. Fighting them off, she said, was almost a full-time job.

In Birmingham, Harden keeps nametags on her lilies. She says there are so many styles and colors it’s difficult to keep up with them all.

Scott welcomes everyone to stop by her Plum Street home to see the lilies that shine so bright on her property. It is located about four blocks north of Five Star Pizza off Jackson Avenue. It is across the street from Gault Signs.

Scott has bought from several north Alabama day lily farms over the years and of course her and Harden trade with one another for lilies with names such as Luke, Freida Cooper, Big Kiss, Lady Boy, Fairy Tale Pink and my personal favorite, Ethel Briarwood Smith.

Isn’t it nice to know that God always blesses those who serve Him in whatever they can?

Raising God’s beautiful daylilies certainly deserves a blessing.