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City man stabbed to death

An early Thursday morning altercation led to the stabbing death of a Russellville man.

Douglas Lavern “Sluggo” Craig, 42, of 3144 Montgomery St. in Russellville, was pronounced dead shortly after 6 a.m. Thursday.

Douglas Lavern “Sluggo” Craig

Russellville Police Chief Chris Hargett said Craig and two females became involved in a domestic dispute around 6 a.m. Thursday at E-7 Ridgecrest Apartments on Washington Street near downtown Russellville.

Witnesses at the scene said they heard a loud commotion in an upstairs apartment and went out to see what was happening.

Witnesses said they saw a man coming down a set of stairs, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Craig made it to the parking lot before he collapsed.

“When officers arrived they found the male collapsed in the parking lot behind his own vehicle with multiple stab wounds,” Hargett said.

“The man was transported to the emergency room at Russellville Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.”

Hargett said the domestic dispute between Craig and his ex-girlfriend began Wednesday afternoon and led to Thursday morning’s altercation.

Hargett said it appeared that Craig had broken into the apartment unit where his ex-girlfriend lives.

Reports indicate a neighbor had spent the night with the ex-girlfriend and was present during the incident.

The two females claim Craig came to the apartment early that morning, kicked in the door and entered uninvited.

“There were reports of a verbal altercation which then turned into a physical altercation to where the female who spent the night was assaulted,” Hargett said.

Hargett said the females

“It appears that there was one maybe two knives involved and the ex-girlfriend was the one who did the stabbing.”

Hargett said Craig’s body was transported to Huntsville for an autopsy and the incident is still under investigation.  

Hargett said the two females were taken in for questioning, but no charges have been filed at this time.

Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said after reviewing the evidence of the case and talking to the police chief, it was decided that the case should be presented to a Franklin County grand jury to determine what, if any, charges should be filed.

Hargett said both females involved in the case claimed self-defense and the evidence seems to confirm their claims.

A Franklin County grand jury indicted Craig on third-degree robbery and third-degree assault charges in January.

Officials with the Franklin County District Attorney’s office said the indictment stemmed from an incident involving a vehicle belonging to Craig’s ex-girlfriend and one of her friends.