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Local company looks to donate air conditioners

With the summer heat at it’s worse, the friendly faces at NorthStar Paramedic Services want to make someone’s life a little cooler.

Franklin County manager Jeremy Glenn said the Franklin County employees have decided to initiate a campaign to combat the summer heat.

“We see patients who have respiratory health problems, which are compounded by the heat,” Glenn said.

To help combat the increase of heat-related illnesses, the NorthStar employees are donating air conditioners to those who desperately need them.

“We went to a residence over the weekend, and it was clear this patient needed a cooler environment,” Glenn said.

“Our employees felt so passionately about this, they got her an air conditioner and installed it.”

The patient, who asked that she not be identified, said she has had a history of lung problems, including asthma.

“Since they got the air conditioner for me, I can breathe a whole lot better. It was a blessing and a God send for me,” the patient said.

Glenn said the employees don’t want to stop with one patient.

“The heat is really a factor with many of our patients,” Glenn said.

“It’s not uncommon for the elderly to die due to heat related illnesses so air conditioning is essential.”

Glenn and the rest of the NorthStar gang are accepting air conditioners for this project as well.

“We would like to invite churches, clubs, organizations and individuals to help us provide a cool spot for these patients in need by donating an air conditioner,” Glenn said. 

Glenn said a NorthStar employee will ensure a patient in need gets the unit and sees that it’s installed.

“We will take new air conditioners and used air conditioners in good working condition”  Glenn said.

The goal is to be able provide a cooler climate to as many households in the county as possible.

“I have already talked with someone to help us find patients who need air conditioning this summer to make sure the units go to where they are needed,” Glenn said.

Glenn said his employees saw a need in their community and found a solution to help meet that need.

“This patient needed air conditioning in the worst way,” paramedic Chris Watkins said.

“I know it is making a difference for her. I know it is.”

Glenn said he is proud his employees acted quickly to help a patient in need.

“We are not just here to help during a medical emergency,” Glenn said. “We are here to help our community, but we need help. This is a big task and we need these donations.”

Glenn said all air conditioner donations can be made at their Russellville office, located on Ronnie McDowell Avenue.