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Our ‘better when’ is now

Over the past year, I have caught myself saying things will get better when….. And fill in the blank. Last summer, things would get better when it cools off because I was pregnant, and uncomfortable. Then, things would be better when the baby came because I was really, really miserable. Then, things would be better when I went back to work.

The lists just go on and on. I have just about figured out there really is no better when. We are not promised tomorrow, but we are still waiting on our better when.

Take the Southern Living party I’ve been planning to have.

I promised last August I would do this party, but wanted to wait until I was on maternity leave. When I was on leave, I didn’t bounce back from my ceaseran as fast I thought I would so I told the lady it would better when I was feeling better.

During baseball season, it was going to be better when the season was over and we had more time. It just goes on and on.

There really is no better when. There just isn’t.

Our better whens are right in front of us when we are with our loved ones.

Think about the moments we miss waiting on something else to happen. Many of us will miss out on life because we were waiting for our better when.

So, if you are not happy, do something about it now. Make yourself happy because if you don’t non one else is going to do it.

And enjoy the little moments along the way. The moments we take for granted like kissing the kids goodnight, and hugging them goodbye before school or work. Cherish your husband thinking you are amazing for all the balls you juggle. You might not think you are amazing, but he obviously does.

Cherish your time in bed with your spouse before you both fall asleep. In my case, this time is very limited because I go to sleep fast. Sometimes they are the only moments we have together without kids screaming.

Just enjoy it all. Everything. Because once it’s all gone, it’s gone for good.

Right now is my better when. I hope it’s  your’s too.