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Remembering bible school

This week we are having vacation bible school like most of the churches in our area, and sitting in the closing ceremony the other night brought back memories.

My memories of VBS are very special because it was at VBS that I became saved. I was eight that summer. I still lived in Texas and we attended Evergreen Baptist Church in quaint little community called¬–you guessed it–Evergreen. I remember VBS being during the day, but all day long. We rode the church bus to and  from and we ate from a sack lunch prepared by our mom.

I’ll never forget going to bible school. In the mornings, we’d have service like church but in the afternoons, we would have other classes like  music, arts and crafts, and play time. I totally loved it.

The year I was eight, Robert and I got saved during VBS, and pastor came to our house to talk to my mom and dad about us being baptized.

My mom had some reservations about her nine and eight year olds being baptized because she didn’t think we really knew what it meant.

I remember not fully knowing if I had the full scope of what it meant, but we wanted to do it so she let us.

The next Sunday we dressed up in white robes and we baptized in front of the church. Our family was there. It was great.

I can still remember the cold water being around me as I waited for my time.  Robert went first and then me.

As the years have passed, I have come to realize I did understand what being saved was and what baptism meant. It’s hard for us to imagine that children can grasp things like adults can, but I think they can understand them better.

The other night, Jordan and I had to drop off my nephew after bible school, and on our way to our house he started asking questions about Jesus, God, salvation, and what it all means. I explained it to him in the simplest terms.

He said he understands and that he already loves Jesus because  he knows he is always with him to take care of him even when me and his dad are not.

And it hit me, VBS does something regular church can’t do–it teaches the little ones the most important lesson of all…Christ.

Thanks for all of you who hold VBS. I know its work, but it’s so worth it.