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I’m trying to like soccer

This is a year soccer fans around the world have been waiting for — the World Cup is here.

Unlike Major League Baseball’s World Series, the World Cup actually features teams from around the world.

Multiple teams from every continent, except Antarctica, are battling for the right to be called the best soccer team on the planet.

Soccer is the most popular game throughout most of the world. South American’s are nuts about the game. Europeans are even more bonkers.

People in the United States are not so crazy about the game — myself included.

Heading into this World Cup, which like the Olympics is held once every four years, I decided I would give soccer one more chance to impress me.

So far the results are not good.

I had trouble sleeping last Thursday night, so I was awake when the first game of the tournament began at 6:30 a.m. I watched about 10 minutes before I fell asleep.

The same thing happened Tuesday morning.

I tried to watch the much-hyped United States vs. England match. I missed the first 10 minutes, so I missed the English goal. I watched the rest of the first half and saw the U.S. goal, which was probably the worst goal I have ever seen.

I lost interest 10 minutes into the second half and changed the channel.

The world might love soccer, but I cannot get excited about it. I do not enjoy watching teams play to 0-0 ties when the goal is the size of a house.

The goal in hockey is four feet tall and six feet wide and those games end with multiple goals by both squads.

I am trying to like soccer, but the “beautiful game” is still pretty boring to me.