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Tooting our own city’s horn helps

By Bob Stickley

Having lived here now for 38 years, I have seen many changes to our fair city.

Most recent is the new city hall, which just went into operation under Mayor Troy Oliver. The current renovation of the streets downtown are also a nice addition to the city. This phase of the streetscape is nearing completion and from there, we hope to see new street lights completely installed.

Also we have a brand new, much needed fire station on South Jackson with some very happy firemen. I might add, it’s past due.

We have seen two new industrial parks constructed, which is to have brought new industry to our area but instead what industry do we have? Some have left our area.

So it leads one to wonder what our future may be as far as jobs for our people.

One of the biggest blessings sent to us in the last few years, like it or not, was our new Super Wal-Mart as they hired several folks to work and bring in needed tax dollars.

We have added a new shopping center in the old Wal-Mart area with Peeble’s Department Store, Burke’s Department Store, which just added to their building, as well as Hibbett Sporting Goods and Dollar Tree.

So there are some improvements moving into Russellville. Slowly.

There is also a new medical building , which houses some doctors and a clinic, which should lift the burden off of Russellville Hospital, which is a very busy place most all of the time.

You know, we sometimes sit around and gripe about the conditions of our city, but, if we spent more time thanking God for his blessings, he might bless us even more.  Don’t you think?

Our God is merciful and all-powerful and no one generally will succeed without him.

Take it to the Lord in prayer folks.