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County man charged with sexual abuse

A Franklin County man accused of forcing himself onto a 22 year-old female has been indicted on charges of sexual abuse by Franklin County grand jurors.

Franklin County Courthouse officials said Carlos Cifuentes, 45, of 111 Village Green in Red Bay has been indicted for charges including first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree attempted rape.

The indictments were returned during the recent May grand jury session.

Red Bay Police Chief Jana Jackson said Cifuentes entered into the victim’s residence unannounced, after she had tried to let her dog out. ?

Investigators with the Red Bay Police Department said Cifuentes began to try and force himself upon the 22 year-old female.

Reports indicate the victim was finally able to push Cifuentes away and that is when he fled the scene and the victim called the police. ?

Officials said law enforcement was able to track him down that same evening and took him into custody.

Investigators said the two alibis Cifuentes claimed to have fell through and he was transported to the Franklin County Jail. ?

Investigators said the victim had met Cifuentes through a friend earlier in the week and, in a nine-minute phone conversation, Cifuentes tried to get the victim to go on a date with him. ?

She declined and then the incident occurred later on the same week.

First-degree sexual abuse is a Class C felony punishable by one to 10 years in prison, if convicted.

Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said the case could be placed on the circuit court docket in August.