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Welborn wins school board seat


Newcomer Terry Welborn celebrates with his son after defeating Billy H. Weeks for the Franklin County Board of Education district two seat. | Nathan Strickland/FCT


The voting results for the district two seat on the Franklin County Board of Education deemed challenger Terry Welborn winner over incumbent Billy H. Weeks in the Democratic primary vote held Tuesday.

The unofficial final tally showed current district two seat holder Weeks with 462 votes and challenger Welborn grabbing 547 votes, giving him the victory.

Welborn and his son showed up at the Franklin County courthouse with great anticipation as Tuesday’s polling results were revealed.

Once the final votes came into the courtroom, Welborn stood outside the doors as his son peeked in to get the final numbers.

Once the news hit that Welborn had won, he and his son were filled with excitement, hugged and shook hands.

Welborn said this is the first time he has hit the political trail and hopes to make a difference once he takes his spot on the board.

“It was nerve racking right up until the end,” he said. “The people made their decision and I just so happen to come out on top. It feels good to have won. My family and I have worked really hard to get elected and I’m happy the folks thought of me enough to put me in a position to where I can make a difference. I’m just ready to get in there and do some good for Franklin County.”

Welborn said Weeks was a worthy opponent and he was glad to see clean campaigns on both sides.

“I’ve got his number and I plan on calling him to thank him for his decency during the campaign,” Welborn said after the final votes rolled in. “He is a great person and I believe our campaigns were hard fought and went really well.”

Welborn said one of his main priorities will be to help get more education resources for students and teachers within the Phil Campbell schools.

“My plan is to make sure teachers get the resources they need to help better educate our young people,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll also be able to make everything equal opportunity so that our children can go to college and make better lives for themselves.”

Welborn will replace Weeks as representative of district two on the Franklin County Board of Education in November.