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New series shows future of county in good shape

A few weeks ago we began running a series profiling students from around the county.

The purpose of this series is not only to highlight young people living in Franklin County, but to also examine their plans for the future and how those plans will affect the county.

Initially, the series was designed to feature students who planned on working in Franklin County after graduation from high school or returning to the county after finishing college.

Three seniors were selected from each of the high schools and the interviews revealed many of them planned to return.

Some of the students who did not plan on returning said they did not feel they could fulfill their career goals or thought they had a better chance of success in a more populous place.

While it is understandable that some would not return because of their careers, it is nice to know many like Franklin County and want to remain part of the county and contribute to its success.

It is a nice place to live and as long as the young adults of today continue to feel that way, the future looks strong.

After all, a county where everybody flees following high school does not have much of a future.