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There is quite a bit to do this summer

Bob Stickley

With summertime just beginning there are many good things to do in our county as we are looking forward to a very busy summer season.

Youth baseball is getting under way and schools will soon be out, so why not take in a ball game at the John Blackwell Sports Complex. These young boys work hard learning the fundamentals of our national pastime, so it would lift their sprits to know a crowd of people came to watch them play.

One of the best shows see is the Kerry Gilbert Show, which is held the second Saturday of every month at the Roxy Theater in downtown Russellville.

He is a talented musician and along with his great band and guests, it makes for a marvelous night of entertainment.

The Roxy will also host the W.C. Handy show July 29. This year’s show will feature local talent who is ready to entertain you.

There are also some great fishing lakes in Franklin County and the TVA lakes feature some great campsites and beaches for swimming.

You can catch some wonderful fish and cook them up in a skillet.

They are oh so good.

One of the biggest highlights of the summer is the Watermelon Festival. What began 30 years ago by Bobby Bolton was taken over by the Chamber of Commerce and has grown many times in size.

It has become so popular that nearly 40,000 people attend the two-day event.

The Chamber of Commerce has already begun preparation for this year’s festival, which will be August 20-21.

There will be all kinds of events from craft booths, car and tractor shows as well as live entertainment.

After the Watermelon Festival ends, the Russellville football team will begin its season, and as the saying goes, “We don’t only think football in Russellville, we live it.”

The national champion Alabama Crimson Tide will be geared up and ready for another winning season and perhaps another national title.

And I guess if you are an Auburn fan, things are looking better down on the Plains under new coach Gene Chizik.

So all of these activities should lead to an exciting summer and fall. Enjoy it, folks.