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Belgreen’s Hargett feels nursing is her calling


The nursing profession seems to be in high demand these days and Belgreen senior Rosalyn Hargett plans to be in the field as soon as she finishes her studies.

Hargett plans to wipe out some of the basic classes required for the field at NorthwestShoals Community College in Phil Campbell after she hangs up her bulldog blue cap and gown at BHS. After NWSCC, she hopes to transfer to the University of North Alabama to complete, what she believes is going to be, a four-year cycle of nursing classes in

Rosalyn Hargett


While at NWSCC, Hargett said she plans on join in with “The Legend of Toyland” production the college hosts every year right around Christmas time.

“I want to be the first female elf,” she said. “I know it probably won’t happen, but you never know, they could change it up kind of like they change the show up every year.”

The one thing about the nursing field that intrigues Hargett is making connections with people and helping them in their time of need.

“I like helping people so that is one of the reasons behind my decision,” she said. “I’m not sure where exactly I would like to end-up after I’m finished. I may stay in Florence and get a job at ECM, but if there was a job to open up here, I’m sure I would take it.”

Even though some believe the big bucks to be in the specified field of traveling nurse, Hargett said that aspect of nursing really hasn’t been calling her name.

“It has crossed my mind to be a traveling nurse, but I believe I would miss my family and friends too much to venture off to some place where I don’t know anyone,” she said.

While at UNA, Hargett said she could possibly see herself dabbling in the Greek life by joining the Phi Mu sorority following in her sister’s footsteps.

“My sister was president of that sorority and I think I might try it out when I get over to UNA,” she said.

The 18-year old Hargett would like the usual white picket fence, out in the country life once her collegiate career is complete.

“I’d like to have a good job, a long lasting marriage and two kids while enjoying life out in the country one day after my schooling is done,” she said.

Hargett admits to being a “big nerd” and said one aspect of herself people might not believe is that she is a real bookworm.

Hargett’s favorite T.V. network is Lifetime and friends describe her as friendly, bubbly, giggly, silly, loud and smart. Hargett describes herself as a very emotional person.

“I can be hurt real easily,” she said. “I don’t know what it is but sometimes I just can’t control my emotions.”

Hargett’s perfect day would be full of festivities in the warmer seasons, heading down to the water to hang out with her “girls.”

“The perfect day would be waking up and eating a big pancake breakfast. I love pancakes,” she said. “Then probably spend the rest of the day with friends at the lake jet skiing and grilling out.”

Some of Hargett’s fears include the usual spiders, snakes and heights, but one fear that really hits hard is dying at a young age.

“I am defiantly afraid of my life getting cut short before I get to experience other things in life,” she said. “I just want to be able to live my life to the fullest and have a blessed life.”

Hargett said she has shared a lot of memories at BHS and she will miss some of the her friends along with other people associated with the school, but if she could she would change some minor details about the school system she has spent her entire life attending.

“I would definitely change some of the rules like the dress code,” she said. “If it was possible, I’d also get rid of all the drama high school brings, people need to be more mature about things.”

Hargett will be taking with her a salutatorian scholarship as she begins a new chapter of life, ending her BHS career and walking into the college setting next semester.