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Scholarships show locals take pride in community

Every year a handful of high school seniors dream of going to college, but the skyrocketing costs prevent those dreams from becoming a reality.

In Franklin County various businesses and clubs are working hard to help these students by providing a variety scholarships.

From full rides to $500 book scholarships, every bit helps and the people in Franklin County are glad to lend a hand out.

The people and businesses funding these scholarships don’t do it for the recognition, but because it is a smart thing to do.

By helping fund a student’s education, these scholarships send the message that the people around here care about the community’s future.

When the students graduate college they will know Franklin County is serious about being successful and many will return to open new businesses, provide medical care or legal services or they might come back and become involved in politics so they can help the community from Montgomery or perhaps Washington, D.C.

These scholarships are are a wise investment in the county’s future, and providers should be thanked.