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Truth Matters: God of calamity

By Ken Askew

“…I am the Lord and there is no other.  I form light and create darkness, I make well-being and create calamity, I am the Lord, who does all these things.”  Isaiah 45:6-7 ESV

“Balloon-boy got more national news coverage than the Nashville flood,” quipped one Nashvillian via Twitter.

Sadly, I think he’s right. Another person I follow online commented abut the President attending a roast hosted by Jay Leno even as a huge natural disaster unfolds in the waters off his home state along the gulf coast.

Neither statement was mean-spirited or particularly self-centered, nor would I expect either of these two Christian men to be anything less than gracious, but both were deeply personal observations regarding calamity unfolding before their eyes.

Now, pay close attention to the following comments from another Nashvillian, Thom Rainer, who departed Nashville ahead of the storms and was headed towards the sunshine state.  His statements are deeply personal too, but they also paint a vivid picture of his faith in the Lord of all creation and they reveal where his treasure is.

“Turning back from FL to get back to Nash. Just learned that the Harpeth River has reached our home in the flood. Please pray.”

“Flood waters rising in our home. We are 4 hours south of Nash. Doesn’t look good for the house. I will praise Him in all things.”

“Made it to Columbia, TN. Will stay in a hotel a few days until we figure out our next steps. God is good.”

Did you catch the comments that portray his faith?

“Please Pray.”  “I will praise Him in all things.”  “God is good.”

Here’s the testimonial.  He made each of those statements at a time when he logically assumed that all of his worldly treasures would be washed away in the floods.  He made those statements during a very stressful two-day stretch filled with much uncertainty and I can only imagine the emotional roller coaster he was riding at the time.

What kind of picture would your words paint if your certain all of your possessions were being washed away in a flood?  Would your comments let folks no that your treasure is in heaven and not on earth?

Would your comments display your faith in a living God who is still Lord over heaven and earth?

Do you have faith in a God who is in control even in the midst of your calamity?

Nashville is in the midst of calamity.  The families of eleven dead oil-rig workers are in the midst of calamity.  The entire gulf coast is facing an ecological and economic calamity of unprecedented magnitude.  During these uncertain times let us all praise God who is Lord even in our calamity and look in faith to him for strength to bring us through.

Ken worships at Tharptown Baptist Church in Russellville.  Truth Matters articles are available online at www.truthmatters.us.  Comments are welcome and may be sent to kenaskew@me.com.