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Exploring northwest Alabama

When I was a little girl, I would dream about having my own television talk show.

I wanted to be just like Barbara Walters and Joan Lunden.

I thought it would be so cool to have different guests on the show and to ask them questions about different stuff.

I know this sounds crazy, but my first journalistic aspirations were not in print. They were in broadcasting.

I attended the University of Arkansas-Little Rock because of the accessibility to three television stations. It would be easier to get an internship if I attended UALR.

In 2002, those plans changed when I enrolled in the journalism program at Alabama.

I decided to go into print.

I think that was a good decision even though I wouldn’t mind learning more about broadcasting.

That wish has now come true. I will be the host of a local show, Exploring Northwest Alabama.

This show will air new episodes every Thursday at 9 p.m.

I am very excited about this opportunity mainly because it will be fun.

The show will air on the local Russellville station and  in  Red Bay, Littleville, Phil Campbell and Moulton.

The show can be seen by antenna in Lauderdale, Colbert, Marion and  Winton counties as well.

I feel like the opportunity will give me a chance to get some on-air experience.

It will also give me a new perspective on news in the county.

The  show will feature various guests on topics involving you and the community.

The first show will focus on the upcoming Relay for Life.

I am very passionate about the Relay, and my guests will talk about the Relay and its activities.

While I know this show isn’t the caliber as Oprah or other famous talk shows, it’s a fun start for me.

I get to have interesting guests and talk about different things in our area.

It’s another way I can serve the community who has supported me for nearly four years.

And, I am very excited about that.

I hope to have a new show every week like I have a new column every week.

I hope all of my readers will tune in and get to know me a little better as we will continue Exploring Northwest Alabama.