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People should be informed before voting on tax

In June Franklin County residents will go to the polls and vote on whether or not to increase sales tax in the county from eight percent to nine percent.

The money generated by this move would go to schools.

It is easy to say it should be approved because the future of our children is at stake. It is also easy to say people are taxed enough and the school system should learn to better budget its money. Those are the easy choices.

Don’t make the easy choice — become informed on the issue, then vote for what you feel is best.

That means learning about the issue from reliable sources — not John Doe at the local gossip hole — and not forming an opinion until you hear both sides of the story.

After you listen to both sides, vote what you think is right.

That is what is great about democracy — we can voice our opinions. It is our responsibility as voters, however, to make sure those opinions are educated.