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Conquering the high ropes

I’ve been writing about the Bear Creek Education Center for about three years now. I have done at least three stories about the center or involving the center.

I can remember writing many times about the high ropes the center has, but until you experience this obstacle course suspended 25 feet in the air, you really don’t get it.

Now, I get it.

I went to the center to cover the DARE adventure and ended up having one myself. I wanted to do the high ropes. I must admit I didn’t really think it would be that hard. That is until I suited up to take my turn.

I’m going be honest. It took me three attempts to climb the cargo net. In fact, I almost gave up because it was very difficult.

DARE Officer Mike Franklin made me climb the cargo net in order to get to the course.

It seemed to take me forever to climb the net. It was extremely difficult.

Once I got to the top, there was no turning back. But, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. Apparently I’m a little afraid of heights. I knew the anxiety I feel whenever I get more than two feet off the ground was stemming from somewhere.

Anyway, I was terrified, but I was forced to trek on. There was only one way down–through the course and down the zip line.

As I went through the course, I stared at the ground below me. There were a few times I thought I was going to be sick.

At the end of each task, I had to unhook my safety support, or lobster claws as they call them.

As I would unhook my lobster claws one at a time, I’d hug the tree that supported me.

Just before the most difficult part of the course, there was no wooden plank on the tree, only medal U hooks in the tree. I had to climb the tree using these hooks in order to cross the rope onto the next part. I was terrified. I just knew I’d fall, but I didn’t.

I have to admit I cheated a little during the last part. I held onto my lobster claws holding me up in order to get across. I was very afraid of falling. No, I would not fall to the ground, but I was still afraid.

At the end of the course, I reluctantly pushed myself off the last platform and swung through to another tree. Now, that was the fun part.

I wanted to repel but when we got to that part, it was time for me to leave. I didn’t get to try it, but I will next time.