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County and City school Menus

Franklin County Schools

Monday, April 19- Lasagna, stir fry vegetables, grilled Texas toast, milk, mixed fresh fruit cup or salad with baked potato

Tuesday, April 20- Beef Vegetable Stew, grilled cheese toast, crackers, milk, peaches or salad with baked potato

Wednesday, April 21- Mozzarella Chicken, pinto beans, creamed potatoes, biscuit, milk, chocolate cobbler or pasta salad with ham, baked potato, apple cranberry muffin fruit, milk

Thursday, April 22- Pepperoni or Cheese pizza, tossed salad, peaches or pears, crackers, milk, rice krispies treat or tuna salad with baked potato

Friday, April 23- Cheeseburger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, baked fries, milk, vanilla blueberry cinnamon yogurt parfait or salad with baked potato, milk

Russellville City Schools

Monday, April 19- Chili with beef and beans, grilled cheese sandwich, fresh vegetable cup, blueberry cobbler, milk or salad bar

Tuesday, April 20- Crispito with chili and cheese, tossed salad, pinto beans, cornbread, fresh fruit, milk or salad bar

Wednesday, April 21- Hot Dog with chili, slaw, baked beans, potato rounds, fresh apple wedges, milk or salad bar

Thursday, April 22- Chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, vegetables, fruit, wheat roll, milk or salad bar

Friday, April 23- Pizza, tossed salad, whole kernel corn, fresh fruit, orange roll with orange glaze, milk or salad bar