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Progress on its way

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Why is it that the shortest month of the year seems like the longest?
February has fewer days than any of the other 11 months, but it always seems longer.
I guess it's because there is usually something to look forward to during the course of any other given month.
Not this one. February is an incredibly busy time for us, but it is certainly worth all the time and energy put into it.
We are one week away from publishing our annual Progress edition. This year we will be producing 12 sections that I believe you will all enjoy.
This is my first Progress edition in my current position, so there has been a lot to learn.
I have worked it as an advertising representative in the past and as a writer in the past.
This year I have worn both hats while trying to juggle the day-today operations of the company as well. It has not always been easy, but it has been rewarding.
I am extremely proud of all the staff members here who have worked to produce a product that we can all be proud of and one that our readers and advertisers will benefit from.
The largest issue of the year, Progress will contain countless stories on the people and places that make this county so great.
I hope that each of you will enjoy it next week when it arrives.
Many people whose names never reach the paper put a great deal of time and work into making this paper successful.
So I want to thank the following staff members for their hard work and encourage them to remember our readers as we put this together.
A big thanks to Melissa Cason, Kim West, Scot Beard and our intern this semester Slade Gilmer for compiling a wonderful list of story ideas that should be interesting to read.
Our circulation manager Charles Pounders and bookkeeper Terri Pounders have gone beyond the call of duty to make this successful.
Nicole Pell, Angie Williams and Peggy Hyde have worked with our advertisers to provide them with the type of material that should be rewarding to those businesses.
And when those ads go out, they have the most professional look possible thanks to our composer Karen McAfee. With 12 sections to print, some of the hardest work belongs to our production staff of Tommy Nichols, Alton Zills, Betty Jo Bray, Latissa Suggs and Courtney Honey.
These few words of thanks will never be enough for the hard work this entire team put into this Progress edition.
So, in advance I want to encourage everyone to grab a copy of the FCT next Sunday and enjoy our Progress edition.
I would also encourage you to visit the advertisers in this edition and let them know where you saw their ad – in Progress 2009.