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At the top where they belong

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
It seems like yesterday that I sank deep into my couch buried in misery as I watched a start-up Utah team put a whipping on my Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl.
Now, just over a month later, things seem to be falling back in place.
Wednesday I joined thousands of other people across the country keeping a close eye on where the nation's top high school football players will be next fall.
Now that it's in the rear-view mirror, it seems kind of sad that I put so much energy and attention into following what these kids will do.
But, I quickly got over that and am now looking forward to the signing class of 2010.
For the second consecutive year, Coach Nick Saban pulled in the number one recruiting class in the nation according to rivls.com.
After a decade of highs and lows for Alabama fans, we are almost at a point where it seems like the good news won't end.
After the much-ballyhooed arrival of Saban in January 2007, he quickly turned the program into one of the best in the nation again.
Two number one recruiting classes sandwiched around a 12-2 season that saw the Tide atop the national rankings for five straight weeks, those are the kinds of things that keep a fan base on the edge of their seats.
That's how you pull in 92,000 people for a spring game.
That's how you generate enough interest to increase a stadium's seating capacity to more than 101,000.
That's how you build champions.
And most importantly, that's how it's supposed to be at the University of Alabama.
Saban has put the college football world on notice that Alabama is definitely back.