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Guilty pleas clear criminal docket

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Franklin County criminal court docket was unexpectedly cleared Monday when all of the defendants decided to plead guilty to their charges.
Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing said Steven Creekmore, 43, of 94 Depot Street in Hodges, pled guilty to attempt a controlled substance crime Monday morning, which is a Class C felony.
During the proceedings, Creekmore took responsibility for manufacturing meth in his residence on Depot Road. Items found at the residence include a spout, generator, and 10 or more bottles with a liquid substance in it.
Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey sentenced him to 10 years in prison, which was suspended, and three years probation. Creekmore was ordered to clean up a mile of highway as part of his probation.
In an unrelated case, Chris Sargent, 40, of 94 Polk Street in Russellville, pled guilty to possession of controlled substance for possessing a small crack rock in February 2008.
Dempsey sentenced him to a 15-year split sentence; giving him time served for his time in jail and five years probation. Dempsey also ordered Sargent to clean up a mile of highway as part of his probation.
In another unrelated case, Jeff Baker, 44, of 800 Harrison Ave. in Russellville, pled guilty to two counts of attempt to commit a controlled substance crime.
Baker admitted taking to prescriptions taken from a local dentist's office to a pharmacy to have them filled for controlled substance.
Baker pled guilty to the two charges, and Rushing agreed to a 15-year sentence for each count in the plea deal. The two sentences will run concurrent.
"Mr. Baker has applied for probation, which we appose because he is a habitual offender," Rushing said.
Rushing said since Baker applied for probation, sentencing will be imposed at a later date. Baker remains on bond.