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County extension office seeking photos

By Staff
Melissa Cason
The Alabama 4-H Program is celebrating 100 years of 4-H this year, and the Franklin County Extension Office is looking for former 4-H students and agents to celebrate.
Franklin County Extension Agent Katernia Cole said the Extension office will be celebrating 100 years of 4-H this March, and they are looking for outstanding former 4-H students and agents.
"We want to recognize our former 4-H students and agents to celebrate," Cole said.
Cole will also be celebrating the birth of the 4-H program and its founder, Dr. Luther Noble Duncan.
"Dr. Luther Noble Duncan is from Franklin County, and he is the founder of the Alabama 4-H program," Cole said.
Duncan was also president of Alabama Polytechnic Institute, which is now Auburn University.
"When you visit Auburn, you will find Duncan Drive and Duncan Hall," Cole said. "Duncan Hall is made of limestone from Franklin County."
Cole said the headquarters for the Extension Office is housed in Duncan Hall.
Cole said there will be a celebration announced later to honor all the former 4-H students and agents as well as remember the father of 4-H.
"We are asking for former students and agents to lend us their pictures for the event as well," Cole said. "We are really excited about this centennial year for 4-H."
For more information on the 4-H centennial, call the Extension office at 332-8880.