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Thanks to a great group

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
Last Saturday night I was fortunate enough to attend the Franklin County Cattlemen's Association annual meeting.
If I were to guess, I would say there was close to 400 people there. It was quite a turnout.
Despite bitter cold temperatures, people came out in droves to support the association with annual membership dues.
Our cattlemen's association has to be one of the most hard working and successful groups in the state. No matter if it's a large dinner like the annual meeting or one of their steak sandwich sales, they always put on a great event.
Over the past year I have been blessed to get to know many of them and to see the hard work they put into everything they do.
As with all other groups in Franklin County, we try to cover their events and happenings in a way that readers will find interesting. With so many members countywide, it's important to let folks know what's going on with the group.
Well, last Saturday they surprised me by presenting me with their annual President's Award based on coverage The Franklin County Times has given them. It meant a lot to me that they were so pleased with the job we are doing here.
Covering an entire county, especially with a small staff and somewhat limited resources, is not easy. We do, however, all take great pride in what we are doing and try to give you the best paper that we can.
It takes a lot of help from the community by letting us know what's going on.
That's where the cattlemen's association has it down pat. Floyd Willingham, Orland Britnell and all of the directors do a tremendous job promoting their association.
They do so much to help the community and they deserve the coverage they receive.
So, as proud as I was that they honored me with an award, it is the local association that should be thanked.