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Book donations good for Franklin County

By Staff
The National Alliance on Mental Illness Shoals donated books on mental illness to three Franklin County libraries this week.
The books were donated to the Weatherford Library in Red Bay, the Russellville Public Library and the library at Northwest Shoals Community College in Phil Campbell.
Russellville librarian Deborah Barnett said there are many times when people come to the library seeking information on mental illnesses as well as other medical topics.
"A lot of times what happens is people go to the doctor and get a diagnosis, but the doctor tells them nothing about it so they come here for research," Barnett said. "Donations like this help us keep our medical books current as required by the state."
We commend NAMI for their efforts to educate the public about these important issues.
If not for their efforts, some people would not be able to research the important information they need to have.