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Tiggs addresses council again

By Staff
Kim West
During its meeting Monday night, the Russellville city council listened to a brief prepared statement from Christine Tiggs, the mother of Cordarrell "Cord" Tiggs. Her 19-year-old son was struck and killed by a pickup truck last October while walking home on Highway 24 about a mile east of Russellville.
Christine Tiggs first addressed the council Nov. 17, when she questioned the local investigation into the case, which was initially ruled an accident but has been re-opened by the Russellville Police Department.
The Alabama Department of Public Safety denied a request by the RPD to conduct an independent investigation, and the case has not been presented to a grand jury by Franklin County District Attorney's office.
"I continue to have no help from the local police department and local DA's office," said Tiggs, who has requested an official report that would indicate the time of her son's death and the time emergency and law enforcement officials arrived on the scene. "I don't have the questions answered from the last meeting, and I want to know what is the hold up for this investigation … my son was better than the way he was treated, and I hope (none of you) have to go through what I have been through."
Tiggs said she has requested an official autopsy report, but instead received a written report from Franklin County Coroner Elzie Malone. According to Malone, no autopsy was performed because the cause of death was initially ruled an accident and autopsies are only ordered in homicide or apparent homicide cases.
Oliver, who set up a private meeting with Police Chief Chris Hargett and Tiggs immediately following the council meeting, said the city council doesn't have the authority to intervene beyond the city police department.
"I have spoken to the police, and (the case) is being investigated," Oliver said. "There has been quite a bit of information gathered since the last meeting.
"The council members and mayor do not have the authority to tell the DA what to do, but the chief is willing to meet with you."
In other business, the council: