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Local town governments set 2009 goals

By Staff
Melissa Cason
With the new year being just one day away, local town and city governments are making goals for their municipalities for the upcoming year.
Phil Campbell Mayor Jerry Mays said he plans to focus on completing projects already underway, including the baseball fields and industrial park.
"We just completed the lighting on one of the fields," Mays said. "I'd like to get lighting for three more fields and fencing, making a total of four Little League fields."
Mays said the town's industrial park will be a top priority in 2009.
"We need to get the infrastructure in the industrial park, which includes water, gas and power," Mays said. "Once we get the infrastructure in the park, we'll be able to recruit industry for it."
Phil Campbell is not the only town in Franklin County working on its industrial park. Vina will make the last payment on its park this year.
"The utilities are already there," Mayor D.W. Franklin said. "We are already working to get companies and industry in the park."
In 2008, Vina added several new businesses, including Custom RV and Ray's Farm Supply. The cafe is also under new management. The cafe, named Raper's Grill, opened last summer.
Red Bay Mayor Bobby Forsythe said the city plans to work toward continuing to upgrade the sewer system to meet the necessary requirements.
"We wish to be out from under the consent order [on the sewer system] by the end of the year," Forsythe said.
Forsythe and the council are also planning a major clean-up of the city, both inside and outside of the city limits.
"We plan to work with departments, business owners and citizens to have a major clean-up in the city," Forsythe said.
The condition of the streets and roads are a concern for the council as well, Forsythe said.
While Forsythe has numerous goals for the city, he and the other council members know that 2009 could possibly bring a shortage of cash flow for the city.
"Monetary speaking, our goal for 2009 must be to wisely use a lower amount of revenue coming in and still provide our citizens with the services they need," Forsythe said.