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Beginning a new year a blessing to all

By Staff
Staff Editorial
As we close 2008 it is important to remember how fortunate and blessed we all are to live in a country such as these United States of America.
We all know that this past year, as with all others years before and to come, had its highs and lows.
At times it is easy to get bogged down in the negative surrounding us and the hardships that we face.
The economic cycle that we are in has touched us all in some way and there are signs that worse is yet to come.
But when you step back and look at our situation compared to many others throughout the world, we are still blessed beyond measure.
Despite our troubles and problems, the United States is still the greatest and most powerful nation in world history.
It is our hope that each of us find the good in our lives and our nation and build upon those things for a better, brighter 2009.