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Local EMS company grants a Christmas wish

By Staff
Melissa Cason
One family's Christmas wish came true this year thanks to the generosity of a local paramedic service.
NorthStar Paramedic Services in Russellville surprised the family of Vernell Wingo with Christmas at home at no charge.
Franklin County Supervisor for NorthStar Mindy Price, said the company provided transportation for Wingo to her home and back to Russellville Health Care.
"This is something NorthStar did company-wide, and we are glad to be a part of it," Price said.
Price contacted Russellville Health Care's Director of Nursing Tawana McCrory last week to let her know what the company wanted to do for one resident.
"We let Russellville Health Care select the patient because they know what the needs are for each patient and their family," Price said.
McCrory said they had a couple of patients in mind for the project, but she knows Wingo was the right choice to receive the service.
"We knew how difficult it was for the family to bring her here," McCrory said.
"This was a great opportunity for them to have a wonderful Christmas with her again."
McCrory said the gesture made by the paramedic company touched the hearts of the family, and staff at the center.
"I can't tell you how many tears that have been shed over this from the staff to the family," McCrory said.
"It was marvelous for them to do this for someone at Christmas."
Wingo's daughter Vicky McAlister said her family was blown away by the gift NorthStar gave to her family this Christmas.
"It made our Christmas," McAlister said.
"I fell apart in Peebles when I found out."
McAlister said she could not have asked for better people to help with her mother.
"They were very personable, and kind to us and my mother," she said about the Emergency Medical Technicians who took care of Wingo that day.
"I couldn't have asked for anything better. We couldn't have planned it any better, and it came from the generosity of NorthStar."
McAlister said NorthStar provided her family with the best gift ever, and they will never forget it.
"We are a very close knit family," she said.
"If we can be together, we are happy. NorthStar gave us that this year."