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A gift I'll never forget

By Staff
Melissa Cason
I'll be honest with you. I am glad Christmas is gone for another year. We love Christmas at my house, but, frankly, I am tired of hearing my boys ask when they can open presents.
Now, they are content and spend their time playing with the new stuff.
Every Christmas at my house is special, even before we had the boys. Jimmy loves Christmas, and I have learned to really enjoy it since we had the boys. It's not that I really disliked Christmas to begin with. It's just that once you stop believing in the big jolly elf, Christmas loses it's magic until you have kids of your own.
While every Christmas is special for my family, this Christmas was extra special because my boys did something extra special for me this year.
While I was working Tuesday, Jimmy gave each boy $20 to buy me a present with. He told me that he thought Jordan would pick me out a cool movie or game while Cameron got me a toy.
But, what actually happened was very unexpected. Both boys took the task of getting me a present very seriously. They both headed straight for the jewelry department. Cameron shopped around a little, looking at the jewelry for little girls. After a few mintues, Jimmy said he looked up at him, and asked where the real jewelry was.
Jordan and Cameron both went to the jewelry case and asked for help from the sales lady. They had a hard time finding something just right at first. Then, the lady showed them another case.
Jordan picked out a silver heart pendent, and Cameron picked out a pair of silver hoop earrings without any help from their dad, except providing the cash.
Jimmy said he was very impressed with their selections, and he knew our boys really know what their mommy likes. He said he couldn't wait until Christmas for them to give me my presents.
When Christmas came, Cameron went first. He made me a card-handwritten by him- and there was a small box. I opened it to find the earrings. I was shocked. I could not believe my son had picked me out something so beautiful all by himself.
Then, Jordan gave me his present. I was even more blown away when I saw the heart pendent staring back at me. The two matched perfectly unbeknown to them.
I put both items on right away. The first thing I told Jimmy was that I needed a good silver chain for the pendent as soon as possible so that I'd be sure to not lose it since the pendent came with a very small, fragile chain.
I know that I will keep these items forever no matter how old and worn they get. I also know that I will never forget this Christmas because my boys-my babies-went to the store and bought me something perfect for me for Christmas.
The gifts are nice, but the thought behind the gifts are better and they are something I'll never forget.