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Local church to re-open mission

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
When Faith Mission Outreach opened its doors in downtown Russellville six years ago, many people didn't understand the need for such an operation in Franklin County.
But as time passed and thousands of families made their way through looking for help, the need became evident.
The mission was forced to close its doors this summer, but plans are in place for it to re-open in the coming months.
Former Faith Mission Outreach director Matthew Mangino and the organization's board of directors have turned the facility over to Calvary Baptist Church.
Though there has been no timetable set for the mission's re-opening, donations are already being accepted. Russellville Elementary School students and Country Cottage Assisted Living both made donations to the outreach last week.
Dr. Wade Wallace, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, said there is a definite need for the mission and he looks forward to helping provide clothes and food to those in need.
"It may be a few months before we get everything ready to re-open, but we are accepting donations now so we can begin distributing it as soon as possible," Wallace said.
Calvary, as is the case with many other local churches, began seeing more people looking for help after the mission closed its doors.
"The need is definitely there," Wallace said. "This is going to have to be a community project for it to work. There were a number of people who helped (FMO) and we will need that continued support."
RES students donated more than 1,000 cans of food for the mission during their recent canned food drive.
Though Wallace sees a need to help those in need of food and clothing, he sees the mission as something else as well.
"My main mission is to reach the people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ," he said.
"We can use the mission to share the love of Christ by meeting their social and spiritual needs."