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Making Christmas sweets

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
You know there are other kinds of sweets besides the kind you eat. They can also be sweet, kind encounters you have with others you come in contact with at home, on the job, in your church, and as you run into people while you are out and about.
Every year when the grandchildren gather around our ornament box to begin to begin to decorate our tree I am reminded of many very special students, fellow teachers, neighbors, friends, family , and others. Each ornament that is placed on the tree is a sweet memory. We recognize ornaments our children have make when they started school. What a sweet memory. There is a beautiful glass ball with our twin granddaughters picture inside given to us by our niece, a large poinsettia Christmas ball hand painted by an artistic neighbor, and a set of beautiful Christmas balls made by a special neighbor named Martha. We have an ornament that says "Joy" hand made by a precious deceased teacher friend and a handmade ornament make by a fourth grade teacher, who taught next door to me, brings back many sweet memories. There is a homemade ginger bread and a little angel made out of wood that students made me. The angel has th e student's name on back. I love the ornament. In the past our church had Bazaars and people make some handmade ornaments. We have two of them that were crocheted by a member of our church. There is a homemade Santa from another student and a crystal angel from a friend. I know many of you have these sweets in you collection also. I hope we will never forget the giver of these sweet memories but I'm sure as time goes by the mind will forget. However, the gift will always have a sweet place in our hearts.
I have a row of Santa's cut out like paper dolls. You pull them apart and just stand them in a row on a shelf or a cabinet top. They are make of cardboard but they are a treasure to me. My Dad bought them for me a Cracker Barrel when he stopped there after a doctor's appointment. It is a treasure I'll never forget, a sweet treat of Christmas.