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It will be all right in the morning

By Staff
Melissa Cason
Have you ever woke up in the morning and realized you should have stayed in bed?
I think everyone has days like that from time to time, but I had almost a full week of days like that this week.
After last week, I think I can honestly say that I wish I'd just stayed in bed for the whole week!
The craziness started on Tuesday when I realized that my heater went out in my car.
Thinking it could be fixed easily-and inexpensively- I took it to the shop Tuesday afternoon.
The plan was to be at the shop for about 30 minutes, and I'd still have time to whip up a homemade red velvet cake for an event I was supposed to attend.
The problem with that plan was that the problem with my car turned out to be more difficult than expected. In fact, it turned out to be costly and time consuming.
After about two yours at the shop, I was informed that they didn't really know exactly what was wrong with my car at that point and that it really needed to stay the night.
I was given a ride to my in-laws house to pick up our Expedition from there. When my mother-in-law gave me the keys, she told me the brakes were bad. I didn't know just how bad until I got behind the wheel.
It turns out they were so bad that no one should have been driving it at all. I should have clued in that something was wrong since the vehicle has been parked for months.
Anyway, I only drove it long enough to pick up Jordan from tutoring and over to my mom's house. I figured since she agreed to baby sit for me, she'd probably let me use her car.
The problem with that thought is that her car wasn't there when I got there. She had already loaned it out.
Once that was settled, I visited with my mom until her car came back, then the boys and me went home.
The next day came, and I was greeted with birthday wishes left and right. A friend made me potato soup and baked a cake for the occasion.
It was a good day. Everything was great…until I got a phone call from the shop about my car.
It would cost about $900 to fix. I about died. I sat there thinking that it's almost Christmas and now I have to sink $1,000 into my car. I was disgusted!
So now, I'm on a quest to find a mechanic who has a little extra free time, and would be willing to do the job for less than I could have it done at the shop. I have a few people in mind. I am asking around.
I went to bed Wednesday hoping Thursday would be better, but when I got here, it wasn't really. I just felt 'blahh.' I think every girl can relate. One of my friends told to cheer up so I tried. I was very busy Thursday and the day was gone before I knew it.
As I laid in bed Thursday night, I began thinking about something Brenda Oliver told me that day. She said that when she has a bad day she goes home and thinks that tomorrow will be better.
So, I said to myself "Tomorrow will be better." I went to sleep, and when I awoke, I realized she was right. Tomorrow is better.
While everything did not go perfectly Friday, it was better. Thank you Ms. Oliver.
And Merry Christmas everybody.