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Student Q&A

By Staff
Kim West
Name: J.J. Johnson
School: Russellville Elementary
Grade/age: Fifth, 10 years old
Teacher: Ms. (Stephanie) Mayfield
Family: Parents, Gary and Andrea Johnson; sisters, Ashanti, 13, and Samara, 3; brother, Zedrick, 17
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A professional football player.
How long have you been playing football?
I started playing when I was 4 years old. I've played Mini-Midgets and Midgets, and next year I'll get to play Pee Wee.
What positions do you play?
I play halfback and cornerback. I like defense better because I get to tackle people.
Who is your favorite Russellville High School football player?
This year it's Brent Calloway. I like how he runs the ball, and I want to run like him. And he's funny and nice.
Where do you want to go college?
I want to go to Auburn University.
Did you like Auburn's decision to hire Gene Chizik?
I think they should have kept (Tommy) Tuberville.
What are your hobbies?
I like to watch movies and play outside with my friends.
What movies do you enjoy the most?
My favorite is "Freddy vs. Jason" – I like scary movies.
What are your favorite sports teams?
I like the Florida Gators, LSU and Auburn. But Auburn is my favorite.
What is your favorite subject in school?
Math because I get to add up stuff in my head fast.
What is your least favorite subject?
Reading because in school we have take tests, and they're hard.
What is your favorite book?
I liked "The Polar Express." I didn't read that for school; I read that for fun.
If you were principal for a day, what would you do?
I would let everyone go outside and play all day.
Who is your favorite teacher?
Ms. Mayfield because she's fun and lets us do a lot of stuff. I like doing the projects with the newspapers because they're a lot of fun.
How did end up with the role as Uncle Beatnick in the "Santa Knows Best" musical?
I volunteered to do it. I had to go to tryouts first, and then I made it. I wanted to play him because he is kind of funny.
Were you nervous about being in a play?
I was nervous at first, but it went away when the play started. That was my first play, but I've been in talent shows before where I danced.
Which person do you admire the most?
Reggie Bush because I've watched him talk on TV and I think he has a nice personality and is a great player.
What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning?
Just get up and play outside.
Name one place you would like to visit.
Disney World. I'd stay maybe a month and take all my friends.
What kind of music do you enjoy?
I like hip-hop but I don't have a favorite singer.
What is your favorite homemade food and restaurant?
I like the meatloaf my mom makes, and I like Texas Roadhouse.
If you could meet any person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Reggie Bush. I would ask how much running do you have to do to be a good player like him.