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In the Christmas mood, finally

By Staff
Scot Beard
While Christmas has always been a holiday I have enjoyed, it is also a holiday I was never in the mood for until a few days before hand.
It always drove me crazy listening to the non-stop Christmas songs in the stores for an entire month, and I never did like the crowds in those same stores.
This year has been different.
My wife had me bring all of the Christmas decorations out of the basement on the night of Thanksgiving, and before we went to bed, the tree was up and partially decorated.
Normally I would have opposed putting the tree up that early, but Christmas has always been very special to my wife and this was the first year since we have been married we have had room for a tree.
She sorted through many boxes of ornaments and decorations like a child sorting out presents under a tree.
Her smile and the glow on her face as she placed ornaments that were hand made by her late grandmother is something I will never forget.
While the decorating took a break for several days, it picked back up this past weekend so we could have everything done before we have company visit this weekend.
We finished decorating the tree and put out the snow village, which gets daily visits from our cat. We have temporarily nicknamed her Cat-zilla.
We also put up Christmas lights outside our house.
This was also special because we had lived in apartments each Christmas we have been married and were unable to decorate the exterior.
Sunday night my wife was so excited about the decorations I could not help but laugh.
As good as all of that made me feel, I realized I was ready for Christmas Monday morning when I went out to price gifts.
Normally I do not like shopping – especially at Christmas – but Monday I was having a good time visiting various stores to figure out what I wanted to get my wife for Christmas.
The stores were crowded, which kind of surprised me, but I never had a problem.
The stores played Christmas music, and I found myself singing along.
I found some of the gifts my wife asked for, and I found some she didn't, but I think she will like anyway.
The experience has put me in a good mood.
Better yet, it put me in a good Christmas mood – and I am enjoying it, even if it is early.