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Teacher taping

By Staff
PCHS drive nets 704 canned food items
Kim West
PHIL CAMPBELL – The Phil Campbell High School student body, which collected 704 canned food items in only two weeks last month, had a unique incentive.
That's because the two classes that collected the most items would earn the right to choose two teachers and duct tape them prior to a school-wide assembly held Nov. 25.
The seventh grade class, which finished first by bringing in 208 items, chose English teacher Jeania Norton, while the seniors had the second-highest total with 123. They chose first-year football coach and science teacher Michael Parker.
Both teachers spent more than hour covered from the neck down in duct tape, but said they volunteered to help out with the drive.
"The entire school participated in this project," said Norton, who sponsors the Junior National Honor Society. "I think they were excited about taping the teachers up, but we did try to talk to them about helping others, and I'm proud of the students for doing a good deed."
"I've never been duct taped before," said a smiling Parker. "They asked me to volunteer so I did, even though I was surprised the seniors picked me."
The drive netted 21 boxes of food, which was donated to the Faith Mission in Phil Campbell.
"(The students) will be helping to feed families in your community," said math teacher Karen Gilbert during the assembly.
During the assembly, Parker and Norton were unveiled behind a video screen after the students watched a snapshot slideshow and a humorous short film titled, "Low Tech Pneumonia," which was submitted for a $25,000 technology contest."