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Golden Tiger team deserves our support

By Staff
Staff Editorial
Although the Russellville football program is well respected throughout the state as one of the most successful and tradition rich programs in Alabama, expectations were not very high for this particular Golden Tiger team.
But as the season wore on and this group of players and coaches continued proving us all wrong, it became obvious that this was a special year.
Proving all doubters wrong, this relatively young team will take the field tonight at Birmingham's Legion Field to try and capture the school's first state title in 40 years.
Though there have been several championship game appearances, including three consecutively from 2002-2004,this team's appearance is as special as one could be.
They proved us all wrong while showing what hard work, good coaching and a belief that they can't lose will do.
Some say that success breeds success.
That may be a big part of it, but heart also plays an important role.
We should all cheer on our Golden Tigers tonight as they take the field for themselves, their school and their community.
Go Tigers.