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Give thanks for your many blessings

By Staff
Tomorrow, we will all sit down along side our families to celebrate all that we are thankful for.
We all have things we are thankful for. Our health, our families, our jobs, our homes… The list can go on and on.
Thanksgiving is not only a time of thankfulness.
It can also be a time of togetherness.
Families gather around a big bird with all the tradition trimmings, and spend time with one another.
Some families may only see one another this one time of year.
So it's a special time.
We hope that everyone gathers with their families and enjoys this special time of year.
But also remember those who cannot gather with their families – the men and women who are overseas serving our country so that we can have the freedom of this day to be thankful.
We, at The Franklin County Times, want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours.