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So much to be thankful for

By Staff
Jonathan Willis
It's not often that we all sit back and remember just how blessed we are.
Not only do we live in the greatest nation in world history where we have the rights and freedoms that we do, but we here in Franklin County, also live in an area that is unique in its own right.
We often take for granted how much our lives would be different if we lived somewhere else. We have beautiful lakes and mountains, great schools and an abundance of churches to worship freely as we choose.
But in each of our own personal lives, it is so easy to live day by day without being mindful of all we have.
As I sat back thinking about Thanksgiving and what all I should be thankful for, I realized just how ungrateful I can be.
I have been blessed with a wife that I know I don't deserve and the most perfect little boy that there has ever been. I can't imagine this part of my life being any better than it is.
I have two great parents and a brother who made a great home life for me growing up.
I was fortunate to have had loving grandparents who I will always remember.
I have got the best in-laws that I could have ever had and some of the best friends imaginable.
I have a job that I really enjoy and one that allows me to work in my hometown and we go to the greatest church that I could ever think of.
So, I have been blessed.
Though I often fail to sit back and think about all the things I should be thankful for, there really is quite a lot.
This week, I hope we all give thanks for the many things we have to be thankful for.
There is more than we will ever know.