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Offer a helping hand this season

By Staff
Staff Editorial
This season, there are many local businesses, churches and civic groups working to provide food, clothing and gifts to county residents.
It is the least we can do to help those in need.
There are so many things we can do to offer assistance, even if it means just giving a few cans of food or an old coat we never wear.
Though we may not see it easily, there are countless families in Franklin County who need our help.
We urge you all to join one of these groups in giving.
Whether it means donating food or clothing, or just giving your time, there is plenty to be done.
Please check our community calendar and various holiday happenings listed in each edition of The Franklin County Times. We will try to keep you informed of all the ways of giving this season.
In a time of Thanksgiving, there are still those hurting and in need. Maybe this year more than ever.