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A Thanksgiving poem

By Staff
Suzanne Langcuster
Franklin County Times
The leaves started falling
November was here
Time to make plans
For Thanksgiving this year.
The house must be straightened
The groceries bought
I must call the children
And check on their thoughts.
Oh boy, they'll all be here
And on the same day
We'll have fun together
Maybe two days they'll stay.
I must go and purchase
My turkey and ham
Cream corn, butter beans,
Okra, cranberries, and yams.
I'll start baking early
And make pies and cakes
Dressing, rolls, and loaf beads,
I can hardly wait!
Get the tables ready
And count to see
If there will be eating space
For all guests and me.
What a happy occasion
What a time to rejoice
Thanksgiving together
We're together by choice.
No matter how far
Our family may roam
On Thanksgiving Day
We hope they'll be home.
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Many thanks to our troops and this Thanksgiving. You are the reason we can celebrate.