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Getting in the spirit

By Staff
Melissa Cason
This week I found myself getting a little excited about Christmas. This year Christmas is going to be tight for everyone including my family.
But, just because money is tight doesn't mean the holiday season has to be skimpy.
Thanksgiving and Christmas is about caring to the ones you love and sharing with them.
It is also a time of helping out your neighbor in their time of need because never really know when you will be the one in need of a helping hand. After all, hard times are here for all of us.
So I want to take this opportunity to give you some ideas on how to share the holidays with the ones you love without breaking the bank.
The first thing I plan to do is give homemade goodies to my friends and maybe some of my relatives.
Not only is this an opportunity for you to spend some quality time in the kitchen; it's an opportunity to really put effort into what you are giving.
Personally, I'd rather have a plate of homemade fudge instead of a store bought present any day.
When someone makes me something, it shows me that they really care for me and wanted to take the time and put in the effort to give me something special.
Another idea is to hand-make your Christmas cards.
Let's face it, we live in the 21st century, and most of us have computers that can print out personal cards for your loved ones.
But, to make them extra special, make them by hand.
Get out the old construction paper, scissors and glue and get to work.
Be creative.
Incorporate stickers, photos, and other artwork to give them the homemade look.
When someone gives me a homemade card, (it's usually my kids) I tend to put it up to keep it safe
They are something I plan to keep forever because they are special and no card is the same.
That makes me feel special. But, when I get a store bought card with just a signature on it, it tends to it the trash can on Dec. 26.
The last thing I wanted to mention was to take the monetary aspect out of the holidays.
Even though Santa has to come to the little ones, but the teenagers and adults might find that giving is truly better than receiving.
Think about volunteering or making a donation to a group who helps with families in need.
Helping someone else will make you feel good and will be more than enough to brighten your holiday.